Specialist Body Contouring & Laser Hair Removal Clinic based in Newcastle

Say GOODBYE to Stubborn pockets of fat & unwanted body hair - for good!

Painless and affordable hair removal has hit Newcastle. Our laser hair removal is safe, fast, effective, works on all skin types and most of all, it's virtually pain-free!

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FINALLY - painless hair, birthmark and freckle removal in Newcastle!

Laser Hair removal is a game changer for getting smooth, lush skin.

Anywhere from 6-12 visits (depending on the skin type and area) you get that lovely smooth and soft skin you remember from your younger years - all this without having to do painful waxing or get annoying shaving spots again!

There is now a fast and near painless Laser machine, right here in Newcastle that can work on ALL skin types, from the palest white skin, to the darkest black skin.

Our laser machine uses freezing technology that constantly pumps water around the head of the laser unit (the bit where traditionally it used to get hot and burn!) to numb the skin before the laser is applied. The worst sensation you will get is a very mild tingle. We are so confident that it will work on you, we offer a free patch test to show you the results of laser hair removal!

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